Santiago: Dessert and Coffee


I wanna visit this place!

Obi Abi

On one of our date nights we decided to get dessert and coffee at the newly opened Santiago in Katipunan Extension.

What drew me in?
Honestly, the signage. Haha It said Santiago: Kain, Kape, Kwento (Santiago: Food, Coffee and Conversation) What can I say, Im a straightforward kind of girl who loves me some coffee.


The Place
When you come in it sort of looks like a bakery then transitions into a family restaurant kind of set up. It has a homey feel that reminds me of a country restaurant.

Dessert and Coffee
They served a Batangas brew, which I liked. Strong flavors with sweet delights.

We ordered two pieces of cake, one mango and one chocolate. The mango was so so, we didn’t finish that slice. The champorado inspired chocolate cake piqued our interest.

It was good, tasted like the traditional chocolate cake no one can hate. But I…

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